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The Best Way to Fix Our Children’s Education

Saturday, April 8, 2023              by: Justin Loop

Making the case

Many of us can agree that the silver lining from the nation-wide lock down was that the education system was exposed, from one corner of the United States to the other not forgetting about Hawaii or Alaska. Schools were closed. People were forced to work from home. As preparation for work, the parents had an additional step to their routine – getting their child’s, or children’s, makeshift classroom ready so that they could receive their daily instruction.

Interestingly, students staying home to receive their daily education gave the parents an opportunity to examine exactly what the schools were teaching. This, in turn, led to more and more queries about what the schools were doing to our kids and what they weren’t teaching. Behold, many of us sit, stand, or lay in utter confusion as to how our schools got to a point where we felt that the schools were not fulfilling our expectations. Here is a list of just some of the problems witnessed; bear in mind these are feelings that many parents were and are feeling:

  • The online classes catered to the loudest students leaving some of the timid students behind.
  • Due to classes being too large, regardless of whether they were online or in person, the teacher never had enough time to address all their students’ needs.
    • Students would never have their questions answered.
    • The online classes seemed very chaotic making it an incredibly hard environment to learn in.
    • It became very obvious that the teachers were incredibly stressed due to the chaos.
  • There seemed to be more busy work than actual subject matter being taught.
  • In some cases, students might not understand the material and never have the chance to catch up as one lesson might lead into another.
  • Regarding special needs, classes were occupied with multiple ages and a variety of capabilities which made it incredibly difficult to meet every child’s needs.

If some of the listed items contradict, it is because this is feedback from many parents. Obviously, no system is perfect; however, systems like our education system should strive to be better. Along the same lines, it was discovered that our schools were allowing books that illustrate sexually graphic material and have highly explicit language. These aren’t just a few books that are sprinkled in only a few schools across the nation, or even the state. Nor are these books that talk scientifically or medically about sex. No, these books discuss such lewd and vulgar behaviors that most families would be aghast if this was a dinner table topic. The concerning part is that these books sit on bookshelves in your local junior high and high schools in the libraries and even in some classroom libraries. Currently, in the Conroe Independent School District, there are more than thirty-five different offending books. Do not forget about the number of copies distributed throughout the schools. The good news is that this number has been significantly reduced by more than half.  However, it is important to note that these books have been paid for by your taxes.

Taxes were wasted on the purchasing of these books that could have been mitigated had our library system not been corrupted. For example, April 25th, 2022, the Texas Librarian Association hosted a Drag queen event (Largest State Library Association To Host Drag Queens At Annual Conference | The Daily Caller). Although proponents for drag events will argue that these are events to celebrate who you are as a person, the fact of the matter is that these events celebrate lascivious behavior. Sexually oriented businesses (SoB) have been banned from opening near schools and other child development institutions/businesses. Yet parents are allowing sexually oriented events to occur at our schools? I think it is safe to say that most parents do not want this in their schools.

We hear about schools teaching safety to our kids, yet we are seeing the opposite. Moreover, our kids are learning to be confused, scared, worried, and lack the confidence needed to deal with life as an adult. The proof is insurmountable that schools are becoming more and more unsafe for our children. Instead of facing problems head on, students are being taught to retreat to safe spaces. Anything that seems difficult is either hate speech or causing violence against them. This is ludicrous. Whether it be the books that are psychologically harmful, or the sex-related events (known as drag shows), or the ever-increasing violence in our schools, we are seeing that our schools are no longer safe.


Firstly, a huge round of applause to those community members that have worked tirelessly to help get three smart, strong, and caring individuals voted in as members of the Conroe Independent School District Board of Trustees. The community didn’t stop there. They continue to work tirelessly to support the freshmen board members in their plight to make our schools a better place.

Another round of applause to the Freshmen CISD Board of Trustees members. Many of the board meetings last hours, and some last through the night and into the early morning the next day. We all owe a great debt of gratitude.

On that note, there are members of the CISD Board of Trustees who have demonstrated incredibly unprofessional behavior on a number of occasions. Unfortunately, the majority of the board seems to ignore the problems that are presented to them by citizen commentors. The president of the CISD Board of Trustees seems to hide behind some fictitious legal excuse as to why certain books should stay in the schools despite being told by legal experts and others knowledgeable on the subject that the school board can remove books if deemed inappropriate.

What to do

The problem that will continue to be ever-present is that our local and state education system will continue to be corrupted because they continue to take money from the federal government. Currently, the United States is being managed and operated by a radical group of activists who have aggressively demonstrated their oppressive conduct by attaching stipulations to any money they give out. School districts see the carrot of large sums of money to put into their coffers and look past the stipulations required by the federal government.

As an example of what can happen – The activists in the government can require schools to have at least one drag event in their schools in order to accept the money. If the school fails to comply, then the federal government can demand the money back. Of course, the money can’t be given back because we all know that it would be spent. Examples like these are happening now!

If we want real wins, if we want actual significant gains, so much so, that there will be no mistaking the demand to keep pornography, lewdness, vulgarity and we want our schools to be safe, then our opponents need to have real material losses. In order to do that, we need to play the game using their rules.

The problem is that we are playing the same old game. The rules have changed somewhat given how our country is being run by those who believe in Marxist ideologies. We expect our opponents to follow the rule of law, quorum, and sensibility. That standard has been far removed. We can continue to speak at the school board meetings, but it won’t stop the Texas Library Association from continuing their efforts to promote drag events. It won’t stop the Texas Education Association from pushing a far-left agenda. It won’t prevent TASB from allowing psychologically harming garbage to infiltrate our schools. It won’t stop the Department of Education from dangling huge swaths of cash in front of our ISDs to promote their agenda. More importantly, it won’t stop radicals from infiltrating our legislature and propose laws that allow this destructive behavior to persist. I can go on and on about how this will not stop. They must have real material losses!

What I am about to propose will fix quite a few of the problems we are experiencing with our education system as well as our communities. As stated previously, we need to play the game using their rules. “How do we do that,” you might ask. It is easier than one might think. Just know that it might seem counter intuitive at first, but it is actually the quickest and absolutely the best way to fix many of the problems discussed here.

Go ahead and keep letting the education system get corrupted with filth and garbage. Meanwhile, parents start pulling their kids from any school, public or private, that takes money from the federal government, gets influenced by TEA, TASB, or other organization trying to push sexuality and vulgarity in our schools. When a child is pulled from the school, that school no longer receives funding. When enough children are pulled from the schools, then the education system will experience such a material loss that it will be forced to re-evaluate. Bureaucracies move very slowly and thus the re-evaluation period will not happen for quite a while. During which time, the radical elements of our societies can be replaced with more caring people.

 As parents are pulling their kids from schools and preparing for homeschooling, our focus needs to be building the infrastructure to support our communities needs. The financial burden of paying taxes that goes towards our public schools will be top of mind to the parents. One thing that the non-profit Loop Media Group, Inc as well as other organizations (i.e., FEC United) is looking at is providing scholarships to homeschool students to attend schools like Legacy Oak Academy or other education enterprises focused on the homeschool movement. Students could get corporate sponsorships to go to these schools among other avenues to help prepare our kids to not just be productive, but competent and confident.

This community-based education system being proposed here is meant to give our kids more meaning in life. By doing this, our communities can grow strong. We can instill pride and strength in our kids and ultimately provide them with a much more fulfilling life ahead.


The key is education. We need to build our community around good educational experiences. Education requires knowledge in addition to hands-on experience. Unfortunately, our public school system is not preparing our kids in a manner that helps our kids succeed. Our youth are graduating without any knowledge of how to balance a budget, change a tire on a car, or even cook. This needs to change. More importantly, our children need to be taught the important things in life rather than to be introduced to things that just confuse them.