Save our Children

It may sound far-fetched or that we are being alarmists, but we really do believe that our children need to be saved.  

A few years ago, we started the Muckrakers podcasts and through our research and discussions we began to see that there was a calculated attack on our nation’s children.  

It is now our mission to put a stop to this.  From uncontrolled bullying in the hallways, to sex education being taught to kindergarteners, our children’s innocence is being lost.  

So, what can we do?  

We must take back our children.  We must fight for their future.  The first step is to become aware of the problem.  

Take a look at some of our latest blog posts and podcasts.  We have outlined the explicit content being shared in our community classrooms and how teachers and students are not being supported by those in charge.

The next step is to become enlightened and learn how we can fight this. 

Check out our mission: Project Enlighten

Your donation to our “Save our Children” campaign will go towards student scholarships and grants to businesses that support the homeschool community through education and resources.